About Us

Hey Glamies!!!

TJ Cheeks—Glamazon, makeup mogul, and tireless single mom—has been lighting up the faces of influential women of all shades, from the urban hustle of New York City to the cozy tea tables of South Carolina, for over two dazzling decades. A native New Yorker and longstanding licensed cosmetologist, this sultry and savvy, diversity-minded entrepreneur always aspired to create a makeup line and service business that would continue the trend to inclusively transform the beauty industry. Her addictive and sizzle-intensive, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, cruelty-free, all-skin-tones makeup brand, Glamorous Eye Candy, has already been featured everywhere from NBC 4’s “Low Country Live” to the “Da G Spot Gully Show”.
Together with her daughter Pebbles Love who also serves as her secondary brand creative partner, TJ is additionally one of the makeup artists in high demand on movie sets, model shoots, music video sets, and at weddings. And, her brand-buzzing online customers and social media followers, affectionately nicknamed “Glamies”, continue to be style- and progress-tantalized by her latest creations, which have included ,Vegan: Skincare, Body & Bath, Natural Specialty Soaps, Vegan Nail Polish and their Exclusive Glamie Spa Monthly Spa Boxes. 
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