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 Hello Glamies! Let me introduce myself, my name is TJ and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As a child I always knew I wanted to be in the cosmetology field. My Grandmother was a licensed cosmetologist and I could remember going to her house and my cousins were there as well, and we took turns getting our hair done for the first day of school, it was definitely a yearly event, lol. I can also remember doing my doll's hair each one with an unique style lined up on my bed. As I got older thats when the makeup fascination kicked in and OOOO boy my dad was not trying to hear it. 

  I went to a vocational high school, where I learned cosmetology. I had the privilege of working in a salon as an assistant since 10th grade and I learned so much having hands on training. I had my cosmetology license before I had my high school diploma. I was ready to hit the ground running. 

  Years later marriage, kids, life and than divorce.......what a setback I thought, the depression, the change and not feeling beautiful anymore took a heavy toll on me. For awhile I was in a fog living life like a robot, until one day it hit me, I'm worth so much more than this, my kids deserve so much more of their mom. I pulled myself together and started to add things in my life that made me feel good. I was no longer pouring from a empty cup. I realized I'm not the only one going through this or feeling this way and if I can show someone else how to self love and selfcare why am I not showing this to them? When you look good you feel good,and it all starts with selfcare. Cliche'-ish? Yes, but guess what? It's so true!  

 My love for the beauty industry kept growing I went from working in salons, working independently to starting my own Cosmetic, Skincare, Vegan Bath & Body line. I felt my line would be different because of being licensed in the cosmetology field, dealing with self worth, listening to the needs and what people really wanted, I could successfully create my own brand. Henceforth the birth of Glamorous Eye Candy Cosmetics / Glamie Skincare by TJ.

  I continue to speak on self care because its truly important physically and mentally. We as women, moms,wives, caregivers tend to always put ourselves on the back burner, and at times we have to BUT, we can't forget about our needs as well. That's why I have created natural selfcare products and even a monthly Spa Box thats delivered to you so you can enjoy a spa experience in the safety of your home. Yes put you on that "To Do List"!  

  In my next blog we will chat about the importance of self care and the affects it has on the body. So stay tuned Glamie,

   Until Next Time,

XOXO, The Glamie Corner, by TJ


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  • This is beautiful. Best wishes in all your endeavors ❤️


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