Vegan Nail Polish

Hey Glamies what do you know about Vegan Polish, is it for you? 💅🏽


Natural nail lacquers overall are better for your nails because of the quality and the exclusion of many harmful toxins contained in traditional nail polishes. It’s great because it is also safe for moms-to-be. Many times, pregnant women will not wear nail polish during their pregnancy because they want to keep the baby safe from any harmful chemicals.


Studies have shown that chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde, which are found in most nail polishes, can be harmful to the skin—why are they so bad?

There are others, but these chemicals can stay in your system for a significant amount of time and research has shown that they can cause cancer and internal toxicity. Not only can they be harmful to your body, but also they are bad for the environment.


For the most part we as women take care of our bodies by working out and eating healthy, but we neglect the little things. It seems like a small issue, but over time can become a big one!


Cons to Vegans Polish?


The complaints you will hear the most about natural polishes is that they chip and don’t last as long as traditional nail polishes because of the chemicals or formulas that have been taken out. If you wear natural nails with no gel, acrylic, or tips, your nail polish will tend to chip faster, especially if you are using your hands a lot to wash dishes or clean. That is with any nail polish, traditional or natural.


Pros that you can do!


Try doing your nails at night before bed. That way the nail polish has time to settle and thoroughly dry and it will last longer overall. And add another clear top coat after a few days, Also store your polish in a cool, dry place with little or no sunlight, it will make it last twice as long. You can also wear gloves when cleaning or washing dishes. Also after about two weeks it’s a great rule of thumb that you remove the polish and let your nails breathe and help to keep them healthy.


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