The Importance Of Treating Yourself

Glamies who doesn't love to treat themselves?
I know I do, but it took a while for me to do so. Why? At times we may feel guilty for treating ourselves because we usually focus our time on our children, family, work, etc. and, we put ourselves on the back burner. Believe me, I understand being a mom of four and running a few businesses we tend to put everything else first.
However, did you know there are benefits to treating yourself? It is scientifically proven to boost health, happiness, and well being. Now how can we treat ourselves? It's not just buying things it can include:
*For 30 mins you can sit still close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
*Take 5 mins do some stretches
*Take 15 mins to slow do and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
*Take 5 mins to watch a funny movie clip
*Take 30 mins and have a spa day
*Take Time and spend it with your besties
*Take the day read a book, go shopping, make your fav meal, soak in the tub, tackle a few things on your To-Do-List.
So Treating Yo Self doesn't have to be expensive or luxurious. It's about doing what makes you feel good with the resources and time you already have. What are your thoughts, is this something you can do? Comment below.

Until Next Time,
XOXO, The Glamie Corner by TJ Cheeks

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  • Great read! Sometimes we overlook the small with the idea that it has to be GRAND. But the simple thought of dedicated breathing & a quiet 15 minute coffee time sounds brilliant to me!! 🙌🏾


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