My First Published Journal

Glamies have you ever had a dream or a desire to accomplish something and you finally

bring it into existence? Isn't the best feeling in the world? I created my vision board at the beginning of the year and there were two things I truly wanted to accomplish, one was a digital download and the other was a self care journal. I was able to complete that part of my vision board early this year. Didn’t think I would be able to but with hard work, pushing all of my doubt behind me, and not focusing on the fact that I’m not that tech-savvy, I made it happen.

     I used my journal to produce my journal lol! I started with what I wanted my journal to be about, how I wanted it to be laid out, what I wanted it to included, made sure it can be used for different journaling purposes, and how it can be different from other journals. Once I figured all of that out it was pretty much set how to proceed with producing my journal.

   What was important to me was that it included different components such as;


📍Monthly Planner 📖

📍Goal Planner 🏆

📍Affirmations 💬

📍Self Care Ideas 🛀

📍Drink Recipes🍹

📍A Reflection Section 🧐

📍Music Playlist

I kept in mind who I was creating my journal for and the elements they will enjoy as well as what will set my journal apart from others.

    I'm truly happy with the outcome and I know you will too. If you want your copy click the link below, pre-order now and you’ll receive 3 free gifts, a tulip pen, a candle, and stickers to personalize your journal. Pre-orders will end on April 17th, and gifts will no longer be available so grab one now. To my glamies who have ordered already, I thank you so much for support me and my dream, I truly appreciate you all!


Until Next Time,

XOXO, The Glamie Corner by TJ Cheeks

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