Journaling pt2 What can your journal be used for?

Glamies in our last blog we spoke about the benefits of journaling. This week we will talk about different ways your journal can be used. Let's start with me, I love a pretty journal and a great pen to write with, it's makes journaling fun! However, I have multiple journals. I have a journal for each of my businesses, a journal for new ideas I come up with and I recently brought one for my daughter's wedding. It helps me to keep track of my plans, ideas, and goals I'm trying to achieve. But there are so many ways you can use a journal, let's list a few:

~A mom-to-be Journal - can be used to keep track of the baby, things she/he will need, doctor's appointments, etc.

~A daily life Journal- can keep you on track with kids' appointments, bills, shopping lists, household chores, etc.

~Emotional Journaling- great for mental health checks, keeps in touch with you, how are doing/feeling, recording your wins and not-so-hot moments but also how you can do better next time.

~Exercise Journal - keep track of weight lost, muscle gain, best workout routine, scheduling workouts, new foods to try, how many steps you did in a day.

~ Food Journal- writing down new recipes, planning to make different dishes from around the world, keeping track of how it turned out.

~Mixologist Journal - learn how to make new drinks, keep track of drinks made and how they turned out, learn how to pair drinks with certain meals.

~Fashion Journal - keep track of the latest fashions, what's trending for the season, best places to buy, and what works for you.

    So Glamies as you can see you can use journals for everything. Did I cover what you use your journal for? If not comment below and add it to the list, lets keep it going!

Until Next Time,

 XOXO, The Glamies Corner by TJ Cheeks

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