How Our Vegan Lotion Bars Really Work

Vegan Lotion Bars (this is an actual client who sent me this pic to me) it’s a lupus rash that flares up from time to time, she applied the Vegan Lotion Bar and said it stopped itching, redness went away and so did the rash)

Hey Glamies have you heard of Vegan Lotion Bars? Well let me tell about our All Natural “Vegan Lotion Bars” that includes Squalane Oil, Olive Oil, Candelilla Vegan Wax, Turmeric Shea Butter. Here’s a few benefits of Squalane Oil: Squalane is a fantastic ingredient that replenishes skin’s moisture barrier, helps prevent moisture loss and increases a soft, supple feel, Squalane helps keep your moisture barrier in optimal condition and your skin smooth, soft, and healthy.
Turmeric: Helps the skin cell from clumping together and clogging the pores. Since it's antiseptic and antibacterial, it may effectively stop the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties promote quicker healing by calming areas that are already inflamed.
Look at all this added Greatness in Our Vegan Lotion Bars!!! It is super moisturizing and last for a longer period of time than just regular lotion. It softens and keeps the skin hydrated, especially if you have dry patches or suffer from eczema. It’s so easy to use too, on clean dry skin rub the Vegan Lotion Bar in a up and down motion and that's it, very simple. Let me know your thoughts, comment down below.

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