All Natural or Regular Deodorant, Does It Matter?

Glamies if you would of asked me this a couple of years ago my response would of been regular. However the older we get our bodies go through changes and what may have worked then doesn't work now, go figure.


Therefore I changed from regular deodorant to a Natural Deodorant. I started to get small nodules under my arms under the skin. They were very tender. So I would let the hot water run on it in the shower and I wouldn’t wear deodorant for 2 days, and the nodules would go away. Well, come to find out the deodorant was too strong which caused the nodules to form, and in regular deodorants, you have aluminum, parabens, alcohol which cause blockages or irritation. This started my journey for a natural deodorant. Let's just say it wasn't an easy task and being OCD with odors didn't make it any better, lol!

First, when you're transitioning from using a regular to a natural deodorant your body goes through a detox stage, due to the Aluminum and parabens that are used in regular deodorants. Therefore a natural deodorant doesn't seem to work right away, it's suggested to start the transition in the winter so you're not overheated and sweating as much. And of course, I chose to do it in the summer, thank God I work from home so I was able to wash under my arms frequently, remember I told you about my OCD with odors lol.

So the hunt was on for a natural deodorant. I'm on number 5 yes 5! I started with a hand made one and it was chalky where it was clumpy under your arm and it didn't do much for odor, then I tried Each & Every it was ok but it didn't work for me, next was Hello it wasn't my fav, next up was Toms now this one I wasn't mad at it seem to do the job for the most part and I would buy it again. This brings us to number 5 Love Beauty and Planet, now the packaging is what caught my eye and the scent is amazing (Murumuru butter & Rose). Today is my first day using it, so I have to give it 2 weeks to see how it works. I will be posting a review to let you how well it works! I also wanted to add that none of these natural deodorants caused the nodules to form while I used them, so that was a plus to all of them.

Let me know have you gone through this journey or thinking about it.


Until Next Time,

XOXO, The Glamie Corner by TJ Cheeks

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