A New Phase of Life, What Are Your Plans?

    Glamies time is flying like crazy you blink and it's all over. I mean look at the year we’re closing in on the last half of it, next thing you know it will be the New Year. This has happened with my children as well, I remember changing diapers now I'm prepping for my daughter’s wedding, my oldest boy is working, my middle son will finish school next year, and my baby boy is going to HS. No more babies for me they're all grown. This phase of life just sneaked up on me.


   Are you in the same situation as me? Or soon will be? What are your plans since you will have more “Me” time? Some feel useless because they are not needed as much and the house has quiet down.

  This is so not the case, the kids will always need you but with the bigger situation, adult situations so be ready to lend a listening ear.

  However, this is the time you can take up a hobby you always wanted to try your hand at. Like sewing, swimming, zumba, traveling, learn how to play an instrument, join a club, the choices are endless. You owe it to yourself to treat yourself, you have done so much for others so now it's your turn. Enjoy this time in your life, yes it's so different but embrace it. Learn more about this new you, you might be surprised about you’ll learn.

  For me, I'm turning my daughter's room into my office, and it's coming along nicely I'm so excited! I'm also focused on expanding my business so that's taking time as well. And of course, planning our annual family trip. We all look forward to this time of the year to let our hair down and kick back, we always have such a great time!

  Well Glamies we can't pause time but we can enjoy it and make the most of it!


Until Next Time,

XOXO, The Glamie Corner by TJ Cheeks

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